Weekly Prayer List

In the Anglican Cycle of Prayer, the Diocesan Prayer Cycle and our Parish Prayer Calendar, your intercessions are requested for:
Michael, our Presiding Bishop, and Prince, our Bishop; The Church of the Incarnation, Penfield; the clergy, staff and vestry of St. Thomas; those who are preparing for the Christmas Pageant next Sunday.

Your prayers are requested for:

Those who are sick or in special need of our prayers: Carolyn Bartlow, friend of Gene Martloff; Allen Blair; Pearl Chrisley, mother of Kearie Keller; Gary Dunbar, brother of Greg Dunbar; Natalie Findlay; Linda Flood, friend of the Blackmons; Ivan Joslin, father of Megan Jioslin and Ivan Kaproth-Joslin; Nancy Kaproth, mother of Kate Kaproth-Joslin; Cynthia Kessler, friend of the Tamburrinis; Andy Kiley; Sharon King, friend of Wendy Petry; Lisa Overacker; Gail Page, friend of Marilyn Meritt;  Theresa Reed; Daryle Sander, cousin of Dale Charney; Ida Singh, mother of Prince Singh; Ashley DiStaffen & family, friends of Dawn schweitzer; Barb Tuke; Tom Weigert, cousin of Dawn Wilkins.

Those in continuing need of our prayers: Marlene Allen, Phil Baader, John Brown, Miggs Coleman, Millie Courtemanch, Amy Deck, Mike Detty, Ginny Fogle, Mark Garner, Art and Maureen Holtzman, Jenny Hutcheson; Kim Klein, Kyleigh Keukelaar, Marlene Liebmann, Margy Mayk, Ann McNabb, Jim McLaughlin, Mort Nace, Alfie Paasewe, Abraham Philip, Beverly Place, Craig Powell, Diane Sawdey, Helen Stamas, John and Marian Toth, Jean Troutner, Gertie Wiegert, Jacqueline Williams.

Those serving in the armed forces: Joey Andrews, Evan Davies, Tom Dimiero, Jared Hicks, Justin Illes, Adrian Jope, Bryant Locke, Cameron Mabb, Darren Mitcham, Salim Rollog.